green energy efficient precast walls

Energy Efficient Precast Walls

Green-Certified Precast Wall System

At King Precast, we are committed to pioneering sustainable solutions in the precast concrete industry. Our dedication to innovation and eco-friendly practices drives us to deliver high-quality products that not only meet the needs of today but also contribute to a greener tomorrow.

Our walls Are green standards certified

Benefits of King Precast

Lower Operational Costs

King Precast’s energy-efficient precast concrete solutions significantly reduce operational expenses. With improved thermal performance and minimized energy consumption, our products lead to substantial long-term cost savings for property owners.

Extended Lifespan

King Precast’s durable precast concrete products have a longer lifespan than traditional materials. With minimal maintenance requirements and excellent resistance to wear, corrosion, and weathering, our solutions provide lasting performance, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

LEED and Green Building Certification

Many of our products are eligible for LEED certification. By incorporating our solutions, clients can earn valuable credits, showcasing their commitment to sustainable building practices and energy efficiency.

Enhanced Indoor Comfort

Our precast concrete products offer superior thermal insulation, ensuring consistent indoor temperatures year-round. By minimizing heat transfer and air infiltration, our solutions create comfortable environments, enhancing occupant productivity while reducing reliance on mechanical systems.

Sustainable Construction

Choosing King Precast promotes sustainable construction practices and environmental preservation. Our energy-efficient processes, responsible material sourcing, and adherence to green building standards minimize resource depletion, waste generation, and carbon emissions.

Regulatory Compliance and Energy Codes

King Precast’s products meet or exceed stringent energy codes. Choosing our energy-efficient solutions ensures compliance with local regulations, avoiding penalties and ensuring the long-term sustainability of construction projects.

kings concrete precast walls

Concrete Precast Insulated Wall System

Discover King Precast’s cutting-edge insulated concrete wall system, designed for seamless permitting with fully stamped drawings and an impressive load-bearing capacity of 4000 pounds per lineal foot. Crafted from 5000 PSI fiber-reinforced concrete, our walls offer R-22 insulation value, virtually eliminating air infiltration for optimal energy efficiency. Featuring interior steel studs for easy installation of electrical, plumbing, and finish materials, our versatile design ensures trade-friendly construction. With UL 1715 Fire Test certification and effective moisture management through stone/gravel footers, our walls prioritize safety and long-term durability. Choose King Precast for a superior solution that combines strength, energy efficiency, and streamlined construction processes for your projects.

Hear from Our Customers

Bruce MacLelland
Bruce MacLelland
These guys did an incredible job! Did our entire basement in less than one day. They worked like a well oiled-machine and their attention to detail was impeccable!
Steve Behm
Steve Behm
Very good experience from estimate to installation. Good communication, professional service. I dealt with Jeff who is a very experienced. I highly recommend King Precast.
Michael Francis
Michael Francis
This is the second project we have done with King Precast. Jeff and Oscar are great to work with and very detailed. We absolutely recommend working with them.

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