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Welcome to King Precast, the premier family-owned and operated precast concrete wall company serving the Northeast. Formerly known as Ideal Building System in Lebanon, PA, we have been providing top-quality precast concrete solutions for several years. In the beginning of 2023, the King family took over the reins and purchased the Lebanon plant from Ideal Building Systems, marking the transition to King Precast.

Our expanded services now include the creation of various concrete precast building types. Drawing upon our expertise in precast technology and design, we are able to deliver high-quality, durable, and aesthetically pleasing structures. Whether it’s commercial buildings, residential complexes, industrial facilities, or infrastructure projects, King Precast is your trusted partner for all your precast concrete needs. Learn more about the different building types we have to offer below.

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Insulated Precast Wall System

At King Precast, our innovative insulated precast wall system seamlessly integrates into various precast building types. Our standard insulated precast concrete walls offer exceptional benefits, including quick installation, outstanding insulation value (R-22), and an aesthetically appealing broom-finished concrete exterior. With a wall thickness of 10 ½” and constructed using high-quality materials such as fiber-reinforced concrete, EPS rigid insulation, rebar, and commercial-grade steel studs, our walls ensure durability and structural integrity.

Not only do our precast walls provide excellent functionality, but they also enhance the visual appeal of your building. Our skilled craftsmen meticulously hand-build forms to accommodate customized window and door openings, beam pockets, support and veneer ledges, gables, and other configurations, allowing for unparalleled customization. With our insulated precast wall system, you can create a comfortable, energy-efficient, and visually stunning environment for occupants while minimizing construction time and costs.

Precast Warehouse Buildings

Experience the pinnacle of efficiency and durability with King Precast’s insulated precast concrete walls tailored specifically for precast warehouse buildings. Our state-of-the-art wall system revolutionizes the construction process, ensuring rapid installation, exceptional insulation, and long-lasting performance.

Our precast walls are engineered for durability, providing a robust and resilient structure for your warehouse. Built with high-strength materials such as fiber-reinforced concrete, rebar, and commercial-grade steel studs, our walls can withstand heavy loads and harsh environmental conditions, ensuring long-term structural integrity.

precast warehouse building

Precast Retail Stores

Discover the epitome of efficiency and durability with King Precast’s insulated precast concrete walls crafted exclusively for precast retail stores. Our cutting-edge wall system redefines the construction landscape, guaranteeing swift assembly, remarkable insulation, and enduring excellence.

Engineered for resilience, our precast walls bestow unwavering strength upon your retail establishment. Comprising materials like fiber-reinforced concrete, rebar, and commercial-grade steel studs, these walls are designed to endure substantial loads and challenging surroundings, safeguarding your store’s structural integrity for years to come.

precast warehouse building

Precast Office Buildings

Experience the epitome of efficiency and longevity with our cutting-edge insulated precast concrete walls customized for office buildings. Our innovative wall system redefines the construction landscape, guaranteeing swift installation, superior insulation, and enduring performance.

Our precast walls are engineered to stand the test of time, offering a sturdy and resilient foundation for your office building. Constructed using high-strength materials like fiber-reinforced concrete, rebar, and commercial-grade steel studs, our walls are equipped to handle substantial loads and adverse environmental conditions, ensuring sustained structural integrity for the long term.

Precast Multi-Housing

In the dynamic landscape of multi-housing construction, precast concrete shines as the definitive choice. At King Precast, we specialize in crafting robust, efficient, and sustainable structures for the modern world. Our expertise extends to apartment buildings, hotels, and dormitories, making us the premier choice for multi-housing projects.

Discover how precast concrete revolutionizes construction, offering strength, cost-effectiveness, and eco-friendliness, ensuring that your vision for functional, enduring, and aesthetically pleasing multi-housing becomes a reality. Join us as we embark on a journey toward the future of construction excellence.

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Precast Parking Garages

Discover the excellence of King Precast, your top choice for precast concrete solutions designed specifically for parking garages. As a comprehensive foundation company, we manage all aspects of your project, including precise excavation, construction, and assembly of walls. Our expertise extends to providing all necessary concrete flatwork for your parking facility.

Explore the resilience, strength, and adaptability of our precast concrete solutions, crafted to enhance the efficiency, aesthetics, and lasting performance of your parking garage. Choose King Precast for a seamless construction experience across every phase of your project.

precast warehouse building

Precast Schools

Discover how King Precast revolutionizes school construction with our premium precast concrete solutions. Engineered for durability and efficiency, our precast concrete components offer unparalleled strength, streamlining the construction process while ensuring long-lasting performance.

From cost-effective construction to enhanced safety and sustainability, our solutions meet the diverse needs of educational institutions. Explore the benefits of precast concrete, including custom design flexibility, energy efficiency, and superior structural integrity. Trust King Precast to elevate your school infrastructure with innovative, reliable precast concrete solutions.

precast warehouse building

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Bruce MacLelland
Bruce MacLelland
These guys did an incredible job! Did our entire basement in less than one day. They worked like a well oiled-machine and their attention to detail was impeccable!
Steve Behm
Steve Behm
Very good experience from estimate to installation. Good communication, professional service. I dealt with Jeff who is a very experienced. I highly recommend King Precast.
Michael Francis
Michael Francis
This is the second project we have done with King Precast. Jeff and Oscar are great to work with and very detailed. We absolutely recommend working with them.

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